Why add Goat’s Milk to soap?

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The Hotel Mizpe Hayamim is a homeopathic resort in Rosh Pina, Israel. Almost all food, soap and dairy are grown organically and humanely on their property and organic farm. There is also an in-house artist collective.

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Question by Alyce: Why add Goat’s Milk to soap?
I often see hand made soaps that have goat milk as an ingredient.

Why add goat’s milk to soap – what does it improve or help with? Do they ever add other animal milks like cow’s milk, to hand made soap?

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  1. To make soap you need a chemical reaction between the sodium hydroxide and a fat. Some use lard (of coarse you have to kill the animal to get that) but you can also use vegetable fats or the milk fat. Goat Milk is used because it historically produces a mild soap and goat milk is known to be tolerated by those with allergies. I do know a soaper that uses cow milk in their soaps. You can find it on their web site, but the web site also includes a very nice tutorial about “Why Goat Milk Soap?” You can read much more there, I find goat milk soap to be wonderful for shaving and it leaves my skin clean, but not itchy. I hope this helps. http://www.shineygoat.com

    April 30, 2014 at 4:29 am

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