what ingredients are good/bad in shampoo?

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Question by Jonie Nicole ♥: what ingredients are good/bad in shampoo?
ok so i heard so much, like alchohol is bad to have in shampoo, but i noticed that even salon brands have alchohol.
if u can tell me what ingredients to look out for and not get those shampoos and why theyre bad, and which shampoos have/dont have them, ill give u 10 points!! thanks!!

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  1. Sulfate is harsh on hair. It’ll fade your hair color. If you’re looking for a really gentle shampoo try Hair One. It’s a cleansing conditioner like Wen.


    susan V
    January 29, 2014 at 2:14 pm

  2. lol its funny cause i went through this same kind of question myself.

    Alchohol is not good for your hair at all, its present in shampoo to get it clean, but it dries out hair a lot! it completly strips your hair clean of its natural oils and leaves it feeling like straw, affecting look and feel.

    My hair is SO sensitive, its naturally (super) curly and that means i cant use harsh shampoos on it unless i want my hair to become straw lol.
    So last year, one day in chemistry, my teacher was going over acids and bases, and he said that some acids are so strong that they can easily burn through ANYTHING, well i know this may sound like it has nothing to do with shampoos, but theres this thing called pH Ballancing. All shampoos have acid in them and practically ALL of them have a very large amount too..which is NOT good for your hair at all! In order to balance out that acid, you have to use a base (acids are MORE harsher than bases) its just like cerial and milk for example, you dont want an uneven amount of both becuase it wont be good..too much cerial and its too dry and hard, too much milk and you cant see your cerial and its a big waste..right??
    Since i was completly done with all of these suck ass shampoos that did nothing for my hair and just practically sucked my hair dry, i went on a scavenger hunt for any Organic Shampoos that worked. And let me tell yuh, i found it! The shampoo is called ” Burt’s Bees Super Shiny Shampoo, Grapefruit & Sugar Beet “, this is some AWESOME stuff man!! lol.
    Its 98.80% Natural, pH Balanced ( what i now look for in ALL shampoos i use- pH balancing is a good thing ), its Paraben&Phthalate FREE and its Sodium lauryl/Laureth sulfate FREE=]
    ( those ingr. are what YOU should watch out for ).

    PHTHALATES are used in cosmetics mainly to bind the fragrance oils together. So, when looking at a label, don’t look for ‘phthalates’, look instead for ‘fragrance’. Companies guard this little secret with their lives..this ingridient isnt good for your skin either, it dries it out.

    PARABENS are added to soaps and shampoos to act as a preservative. Basically, to give the product a longer shelf life. Their use is widespread and ongoing, due mainly to the fact that they are cheap and have a long history of use. Lately, though, there has been new research that suggests a few problems with using parabens topically. These reports raise the issue that parabens are carcinogens (increasing breast cancer from paraben use in deodorant) and xenoestrogens (an estrogen increaser…obviously a problem if you’re a male).

    SODIUM LAURYL/LAURETH SULFATE: Both sodium laureth sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate are able to cause skin irritation and dehydration, In a 2003 study German dermatologists found that after patch testing both sodium laureth and sodium lauryl sulfates increased transepidermal water loss, or dehydration of the skin.
    Sodium laureth sulfate has produced “strong evidence” of being “human irritant,” according to Cosmetic Ingredients Review Assessments

    So if i were you, id watch out for those 3 Ing. AND only use pH balanced shampoos!!=]

    Heres the website for the shampoo i use:


    AND here the website for the conditioner:


    I really hope this helps you out!! good luck =]

    J'Enelle M
    January 29, 2014 at 2:48 pm

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