The start of an irrational fear?

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Question by StylishRiot ☮: The start of an irrational fear?
I have been having these really stupid and annoying dreams where i accidently put my finger in someones eye and it terrifies me.

It might be because when i was younger I got stabbed in my eye with a pencil (no permanent damage was done tho)

But now every time I go to raise my hand in public I actually look around first to check that there is nobody around me that i could accidentally stab while doing it

It’s weird and annoying but is it a start of an irrational fear?
If so is there other ppl out there with this fear??

Feel free to answer in the comment section below

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2 Responses to The start of an irrational fear?

  1. Autophobia is a real personality disorder the term is used to describe three defferent conditions fear of beingalone fear of being egotistical; and fear of one self the third being one of the rareest conditions. i am now reading DeenKoontz falsmemory and its main symtoms started out something like your story prb means nothing but so far good book lol should check it out

    Mike G
    January 14, 2014 at 11:22 am

  2. Maybe not your exact fear, but then again I’m sure there are. I’m a mom and I have had a day care so I use to have this fear about eyes being poked out with horse play. I still do not like someone snapping a towel because that can get an eye easily. I had a friend accidental shoot his brothers eye out with a bee bee gun and my daughter had her friend get his eye shot by a stray pellet from a shot gun. He is not blind but he is missing a layer of his eye currently. To easy to get an eye and silly things can result in big losses.

    I don’t think its irrational to worry, but perhaps you are becoming to focused on this one thing. Just be aware that accidents can happen and be careful not to do silly things that do have big repercussions, but don’t be so obsessed with what might be that it interferes in your ever day quality of like and happiness.

    *Mike* Dean Koontz is the BEST!!!! My favorite author.

    January 14, 2014 at 11:52 am

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