rough hair after shaving?

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Question by Stephen L: rough hair after shaving?
You know how your grows back rougher and thicker after shaving it? Is there anyway to fix it? I heard that if you wax it, it grows back smooth, because you aren’t cutting into it, splitting it and sharpening it. Is that true?

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2 Responses to rough hair after shaving?

  1. Waxing pulls the hair from the root, which means a new hair has to arrive before it can grow.
    So you don’t have to shave/ wax as often. It also means it will be softer, because it is a new hair.

    Julia Paul
    June 20, 2014 at 5:08 am

  2. Use bee royal shaving cream its a waterless shaving cream that is amazing! Its been on youtube with great reviews as well. Here is the information I found on the cream and how it works:

    What is pseudofolliculitis barbae and why does it affect the majority People?

    Pseudofolliculitis barbae, more commonly known as ingrown hair or razor bumps, occurs when shaved hair regrows into the skin after shaving. The symptoms consist of irritation and inflammation that can result in painful, scar-causing facial conditions. Razor bumps mainly are coarse, curly hair that tends to curl back into the skin after shaving.

    How can I shave without using water?

    We realize that shaving without water is an unorthodox concept, but Bee Royal Products exclusive shaving cream contains active ingredients, that hydrates the skin; hence, water is not required before, during or after a shave. Rubbing the excess into the skin after shaving keeps it moisturized, feeling clean, and facilitates the
    conditioning process.

    Will Bee Royal Shaving Cream help prevent razor bumps and burning?

    Yes. One reason razor bumps occur is that the hair is not been raised up away from the skin before
    shaving. Bee Royal Shaving Cream contains a special lubricant that softens and straightens the hair shaft
    so it can be cut close to the pore. The closer the shave, the less chance for new bumps to form. Plus,
    bacteria-fighting antiseptic and anesthetic ingredients in Bee Royal Shaving Cream helps stop irritation
    and inflammation. Your skin is left feeling cool, soothed and refreshed.

    What makes Bee Royal Shaving Cream so different and its ingredients?

    Bee Royal Shaving Cream has active ingredients that is a formulated system that penetrates below the skin’s surface and produces agents similar to those naturally found on the skin. It not only moisturizes while shaving, but cleans and removes old skin. Consequently, it conditions, protects and keeps
    skin looking young and healthy.

    Maria S
    June 20, 2014 at 5:58 am

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