Making Good Poultry Feed Broiler Chicken?

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crinkle cut frozen fries, cougar gold cheese curds, and generic chicken gravy. after assembling, I ran it under the broiler for a minute to help melt the cheese.

no individual part of this concoction was ideal, but the overall effect was nonetheless tasty. I think I’d go back to the turkey gravy next time, though.

Question by Naazar: Making Good Poultry Feed Broiler Chicken?
Dear All,

Myself is Halid from Srilanka, I am going to establish 5 Broiler Chicken farms will have 1000 birds each one. As long as I learned and searched the commercial feed is very expensive in my country, therefore I decided to prepare the good poultry feed myself. I’m putting below some of the main ingredients which have Protein, Calcium, Amino acid and some nutrients respectively, and I’m going to divide the period of bird of 45 days into three are Prestarter (1-14 days), Starter(15-26 days), Finisher(27-40 or 45 days) respectively.

My question is how much percentage ingredients need in each one? And please add other cheaper main protein and amino acid ingredients on this chart.

I’m eagerly looking forward to hear your advice and Your best replay will be highly appreciated.

Thanks and Best regards.

Feed Ingredients Pre starter % 1-14 days Starter % 15-26 days Finisher % 27-40 or 45 days

Maize or Corn
Soybean or beans
Rice Bran
Oyster Shell
Lettuce & Cabbage

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One Response to Making Good Poultry Feed Broiler Chicken?

  1. First to say that in the US/Canada and European countries 5 x 1000 broiler units are not economic.
    5 x 50,000 bird units would still be regarded as small.
    I can imagine that the economics and general situation in Sri Lanka might be somewhat different, but still suggest you do a lot more research.

    As far as making broiler feed is concerned, be aware that it is far too complex a subject to be answered here. You really do need to buy some poultry nutrition text books, which include both the nutritional requirements of broilers at various ages (% protein, vitamins, etc.) and the nutrient levels of the various raw materials (soya meal, wheat, etc.).
    Also be aware that commercial feed companies adjust their formulations slightly on a daily basis, and have computers to do this (it really is that complex!), as not only do individual batches of raw materials vary (one truck load of wheat might be different protein etc than the next truck load), but prices vary as well. Therefore feed companies change formulations to achieve the same end result feeds at the cheapest price considering the potential ingredients they have in stock that day, and how much they paid for each of them.

    I don’t think broilers need oyster shell, as this is mainly for layers, so for your intended business, would only be used if you are also going to have an adult broiler breeder flock, hatchery, etc.
    Do you mean fresh spinach, lettuce & cabbage? or dried meal versions? Again, I doubt these are really applicable ingredients.

    There may be other ingredients available in Sri Lanka which you might research, mainly nutritionally useful waste products from other food companies. Used malted grain from a brewery perhaps? (would need to be dried before use in broiler meal).

    January 15, 2014 at 9:00 am

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