Is a Nubian/Boer cross a good milking goat?

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Question by Animal Mum: Is a Nubian/Boer cross a good milking goat?
I’m looking into buying a Nubian/Boer cross doe. She has a doe kid on her, but I am wanting to put my bucket calf on her so the calf can grow (Better) and I also don’t have to spend over $ 80 dollars a bag on milk replacer. I’m also raising some orphan puppies and would like to put them on goat’s milk because I’ve read that it’s very healthy for them.

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One Response to Is a Nubian/Boer cross a good milking goat?

  1. Goats can be very difficult to fence and house, and they can easily get udder infections if misused. I also worry about your idea of raising your puppies on goat’s milk, without ever having experience milking or caring for a dairy goat.

    A Boer goat is a meat breed, very sturdy. A Nubian is a delicately built, dairy breed. Goats are definitely herd animals and should not be kept singly as pets, in my opinion. They are also not machines. They need good care and careful management.

    Go buy some goat’s milk as long as you have milk drinking puppies, which is only a matter of a few weeks. It would cost you far more than that to build a goat proof fence and a suitable goat stall and milking stand.

    May 28, 2014 at 4:17 pm

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