If I raise a beehive how far should it be from my house?

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Image by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District
Familiar faces vie for table tennis glory

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District and URS Corporation have held ping pong leagues for several years and ultimately hold a championship tournament on the seventh-floor patio of their downtown Los Angeles office building.

This year’s Pingpong Extravaganza men’s championship was held July 26, featuring a chili dog lunch to raise funds for and promote membership in the District-sponsored Toastmasters club.

“Another great year,” said Ed Louie, member of Essayons Toastmasters Club 988 and One-Alarm Chili chef. “We had some scheduling issues, so only the men’s final was held today.”

In the men’s division, it was an all-District final as ACE-IT contractor Bee Cha won three sets to one against David Coltharp of the asset management division.

Corps vs. Corps lined up as the women took the table on July 31. Perennial finalist and 2006 champion Rosa Ramirez, programs and project management division lost a hard fought battle to Roxanne Vidaurre, engineering division.

This fun rivalry got its start when Ed Louie attended a Toastmasters meeting in URS’ conference room and noticed a ping pong table in the patio area. A URS Toastmasters member asked him if he would like a quick game after the meeting. After the match, the two decided it would be fun if the district and URS challenge each other to a friendly ping pong match. From that point in 2006 to present, it’s two wins for URS men and five wins for the Corps men. For the women, its four wins for URS and two wins for the Corps women. The Corps is looking for future men and women players to join.

“If this year is any indication, the men and women of the Los Angeles District and URS Corporation will continue this friendly challenge, and I may have to add another ‘alarm’ to my chili,” added Louie.

Question by Jello F: If I raise a beehive how far should it be from my house?
please answer thanks and hope someone has experience with beekeeping!!!

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One Response to If I raise a beehive how far should it be from my house?

  1. I am not a bee keeper, but my neighbor has a couple of hives so I called him. I am not sure how much help his answer will be, but here it is anyway: As close as you feel comfortable with. He said that as long as you don’t have kids or pets who will be messing with the hive, you can put it within a couple of feet of the house, although he didn’t suggest it.

    His are a couple of hundred feet behind his house, and that keeps the bees safely away from the house and guests that aren’t familiar with bees, but close enough that checking the hives doesn’t require a marathon hike.

    Steve H
    May 12, 2014 at 4:52 pm

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