Ideas for a queen bee character?

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Question by Chance: Ideas for a queen bee character?
I’m writing a teen-lit book, and, as you can imagine, there’s a mean girl in the story. I’ve tried to refrain from making her too stereotypical, so she isn’t blonde, she isn’t head cheerleader, etc. However she is still popular, has power over others in the school and is obsessed with looks. I’ve based her on Regina George though, so she IS stereotypical, just hopefully not as much as others.

I’ve tried incoperating aspects of real-life people, but I’ve never really been in close proximity with someone like my character. What I want to know is, does anyone here have ideas for her? Like;

– Things she says, like ‘ah-mazing’ or ‘fab’ or ‘whatever’ or something. It can be your own creating.
– Anything to do with her personality and they way she acts?

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  1. I’ve read so many books with those kind of people in them that I think i can help.

    – maybe you can make her say “so last year” a lot.

    – you can make her flip her hair a lot, and you can make her raise one of her eyebrows, when someone says something she 1. doesn’t agree with 2. finds amuzing.
    I don’t know if I helped you, but I hope I did. Good luck.
    can you please please answer mine?

    Evil? Me? No way! (Mwh- ha ha ha
    March 10, 2014 at 11:08 am

  2. Name: Breanna Jacobs
    Look: red hair no frekles, forest green eyes. kind of tall but not to tall. has a group of friends and her best friend is Stacey Knox. She is student body president even through she cheated to win. always teases the Main characater. she has a boyfriend named Justin Powell is secretly in love with the MC. which causes conflict between Breanna and Justin

    did the best i could

    superchick (Superhero)
    March 10, 2014 at 11:58 am

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