How to show a Nigerian Dwarf Goat?

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They also like to have their heads scratched.

Question by Farming_Chick13: How to show a Nigerian Dwarf Goat?
I am getting an 8 or 9 week old Nigerian Dwarf weather in a week or two, and want to train him to be in next years 4-H goat show. I read that they are an angora breed, and that an angora goat needs to be lead by holding one horn, and under the chin, or sometimes on the side of the collar. For a 5 ft 5in girl that seems kind of hard with a 18in goat…

Is there an exception for this breed, and what else do i need to know about showing Dwarf Nigerians?

I will choose the best answer. Thanks!

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    May 3, 2014 at 4:41 am

  2. Nigerian Dwarfs are not an Angora breed; they are a dairy breed. They are shown with a chain linked collar that you hold under the chin, as far up as you can on the neck.. Also, there might not be a lot of classes for your goat since it is wether and not a doe. For showing, I recommend that you look up the showmanship scorecard on To practice, walk up and down your driveway and set him up. If he disobeys and moves his feet after you set up his feet, give him a light slap to let him know that it is not acceptable. If he obeys, give him a treat. Also, when showing Nigerians, it is acceptable to kneel with your goat when you are not walking in the showring, due to their short stature.

    ◘Goat Gal◘
    May 3, 2014 at 4:53 am

  3. as goatgal as said. they are not an angora breed. they are a dairy goat. You show them with a collar.

    warning: nigerians are stubborn at first.. I have a doe “Peaches” that is commonly known as maddona.. because she is a drama queen. if she doesn’t want to walk anymore in the ring.. she will throw herself down and scream.

    also, a 8 week old kid will be very reluctant to walk.. (on a lead, or collar that is)

    I must say please if you use a choke collar, which most people do. do not use a leash with it. and do not pull on it so it chokes them.. it will just make them mad. I have seen a young kid do that in the ring to a goat kid, and the kid laid down in the ring, and i had to run out there and unhook the leash, the kid was strangling his goat, and dragging it, he was not paying attention. I wasn’t sure if he was gonna catch his breath or not.

    and you think its hard being 5’5. i’m 5’10 and show 8 week old kids.. talk about back pain!

    I wouldn’t start training him for a few months.. 4 mos is a good age..

    I can e-mail you pictures and videos of how to lead and train a goat for show.

    my e-mail is

    May 3, 2014 at 5:47 am

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