Yiddish/Jewish phonetic AW-NEE..?

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raise bees
Image by John-Pa
This is a combination of a couple of different techniques that I have seen used many times by others. The first is to put your subject on a mirror. Here, a primrose flower is sitting in a candlestick-holder on a mirror. This is a 12×12 inch mirror that I bought in a crafts store for about . I think I will go back and get the 12×20 inch version though, because the subject needs to be pretty small to fully fit on this platform. I’m not real happy with the angle I had to use, but anything shallower would show the edges of the mirror.

The second technique displayed here is to use a gelled flash to produce a colored background. Because the mirror is sitting flat on a table in my living room, what is in the mirror as background is the ceiling of the living room. Using a long stick I found the spot in the ceiling appearing just behind the candlestick (it wasn’t where I thought it would be) and I pointed a Vivitar 285HV flash with blue cellophane over it at that point on the ceiling. This was triggered with a PC sync cord. I used full power and the narrow “telephoto” setting on the flash, which is why there is some light falloff and a varying density of blue color (so no, that isn’t lens vignette). In retrospect, I should have raised the flash closer to the ceiling to get more of a hot spot going, but whatever. There was a second flash (Alien Bees B-800) camera-right and high pointed directly at the flower. I was using a 10-degree grid and ¼-power, as I recall. This was triggered with a Cactus-V4 RF set. Because, as we all know from high-school physics, the angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection, the subject light bounced off the mirror to the other side of the room and doesn’t affect the background color. The main subject light is powerful enough, however, to overcome any reflected blue color from the ceiling and this produces the nice clean contrast in colors. I did need to clean up some CA in Lightroom.
Canon 1DmkIII; EF24-105 f4L IS; 90mm; ISO-100; f16; 1/30-sec
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Question by MK2664: Yiddish/Jewish phonetic AW-NEE..?
I was raised by a Jewish Mother and Grandmother.. I was sung to sleep with a Yiddish lullaby so I was told… Awnee Awnee bay yay bee (<--- phonetic of course) Awnee awnee baby awnee awnee loo... does anyone know of this folk song/lullaby? Or the real words? Add your own answer in the comments!

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  1. Just a guess: http://youtu.be/zvJKX8S6_7w
    Ein Ani?

    June 11, 2014 at 11:35 pm

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