Would you please fill out this survey, it is for my Health class. Some teen parents too please.?

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Question by Joe: Would you please fill out this survey, it is for my Health class. Some teen parents too please.?
1.What was the most difficult part of raising a kid?
2. When did you find out you were pregnant?
3. How many times a week did you wake up because of crying?
4. About how much did the hospital charge you to have the baby?
5. How many times did you have to go to the doctor during the baby’s first year of life?
6. How many diapers a week did you have to change?
7. How much approximately did it cost to feed the baby every week?
8. How much approx. did it cost to clothe the baby?
9. Did having a baby interfere with vacations?
10. How long was it until you were able to go out without he baby?
11. How much, overall, did the first year of life cost?
12. Did the baby cause plans to be cancelled? How?
13. Did the baby interfere with your relationship with friends?
14. Were you home more often?
15. Was having a baby difficult? Why?

Please, include age right now
age you had your child
and a name(it doesn’t have to be a real one, just an alias I guess)
…Thanks for the info Juliet… But common sense would dictate that only people who have children already could answer this, therefore it should be in this section, not the pregnancy section for the shear fact that THEY HAVE NOT HAD THE CHILD YET…
Thank you very very VERY much Beth and Elly.

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6 Responses to Would you please fill out this survey, it is for my Health class. Some teen parents too please.?

  1. This might be better suited in the Pregnancy section…

    February 24, 2014 at 5:38 pm

  2. a) im 16
    b) not planning on having sex or being pregnant right this moment
    c) try the pregnancy section

    February 24, 2014 at 6:31 pm

  3. 1. Im definately not old enough for this survey.
    2. I wont be getting pregnant any time soon.
    3. This is an interesting section for this question

    February 24, 2014 at 7:03 pm

  4. 1. no sleep
    2. i was 6 weeks pregnant
    3. at first every night, now maybe twice.
    4. i have in surance but one time i had an ultra sound done only to find out later that they didnt except my insurance. it would of been nice if they would have told me that when i handed them my insurance card. they charged me 1500 dollars.
    5. every 3 months
    6. about 50 diapers a week
    7. formula for a week was about 50 dollars
    8. about 200 everytime she grows out of her size.
    9. yes i havent had a vacation since.. i had to miss out on mexico with my family :(
    10. she wasx 6 months old when i went out with the baby alone and that was my only time.
    11. ALOT
    12. i havent been able to go to college because i have to work.. hopefully i will be able to go this year!
    13. yes the baby takes up most of my time.
    14. yes
    15. its difficult but well worth it!

    i am 20 years old i was 18 when i had my baby and my name is elly.

    Ellyhannie's Mommy
    February 24, 2014 at 7:43 pm

  5. 1) All the stuff I have to learn as I am raising my children. It looked so easy being the kid but once the roles changed and I became the parent I realized I am raising the future of our country so I better step up and do a really good job.

    2) Took a home pregnancy test when I was two weeks late.

    3) Due to pregnancy none, but hormones due run amuck so it can happen easily.

    4) On average for a natural, no medication, vaginal birth $ 40,000

    5) For me only twice. For the baby about 8.

    6) Depends on age. More in the beginning than as they get older. To average out the first year about 40.

    7) Again, depends on the age and whether nursing or bottle feeding. Once on solids probably about $ 30.

    8) Roughly $ 600 per year.

    9) Yes. Instead of looking for all the things we could do without a child you now have to look at what you can do with a child. Big change.

    10) Depends on who is watching the child and your comfort level with leaving. Mine was about 9 months.

    11) Thank God for insurance and good coupons. We saved a bundle. First year of life run’s roughly (including all the accessories necessary for babies) $ 2500

    12) No. Planned around the baby. You’ve got about 8 months.

    13) Yes. Those that don’t have kids tend to move on to other friends.

    14). Yes.

    15) No.

    Age 40
    Children 10, 6, 15 months

    Beth K
    February 24, 2014 at 7:47 pm

  6. had my twin boys when i was 17(like a week before my 18th birthday)
    now im 19. they are 15 months. i was dating my boyfriend for 2 years (all of highschool0 before this.

    1. finishing school, my boyfriend graduated a year before me and he took a year off before going to college so he could watch them while i finished highschool. but it was still hard focusing. also now we are both trying to balance college and the babies.
    2. i found out i was pregnant when i went to the hospital. i passed out from being dehydrated cause i was throwing up a lot. i didnt just get morning sickness. i got alllll-day-for-three-months sickness.
    3. from the babies? every night.
    4. average amount. they had a short nicu stay. i know it could have paid for college for at least a year for me.
    5. lotsssss. they had checkups almost once a week because they were premature and had some other conditions.
    6. probably like 10-20 a day. it was rough.
    – im honestly dont remember a whole lot about the costs.
    9. everyone was going on spring breaks and graduation trips. but as soon as i got my figure back we went to the beach. i think they were around 8-9 months old then.
    10. i stayed home/did a sort of home schooling thing for about a month and a half-two monthes after birth.
    11. lots.
    12. i think we were too busy to even think about making plans. but they would have been canceled.
    13. at first my friends were excited over the little cuties. then shortly after they realized i wouldnt be able to hang out with them anymore. i had a bigggg circle of friends (there were ten of us that did everythinggg together) and now there are 2 that i would call my real friends that stuck around for everything. the others are more aquaintances, some wrote me off completely.
    14. before the babies i went out almost every night with my friends. now im home every night and asleep before 10 usually.
    15. yes. all of the changes and adjustments. my family was not supportive at all. they wanted me to get an abortion and now we dont talk. if it wasnt for my boyfriend and his family i dont know how i would get by.

    February 24, 2014 at 8:35 pm

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