Where to buy a goat near ottawa and how much do they cost?

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Question by gab: Where to buy a goat near ottawa and how much do they cost?
I want a goat so bad and I live 2 hours away from Ottawa but I will drive about 3 hours to get a goat. where could I get one. Also how much would this goat cost. im thinking of getting 2 to be friends

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2 Responses to Where to buy a goat near ottawa and how much do they cost?

  1. The cost would be surprisingly low, goats are common and practically worthless (that doesn’t mean you wont have to for over 100 or more dollars). Also, bear in mind you have to get the goat vaccinated, and checked on a monthly basis. You can begin your search by parsing a list of local farmers and inquiring about availability of goats/the price.

    May 6, 2014 at 4:53 am

  2. Do you have any local fairgrounds or 4H clubs? If so, you can contact them, and they will be able to put you in contact with people who have goats for sale. Most county fairs happen around this time – you can go to a fair and meet lots of different goat breeders.

    You can also go online to a website like craigslist.com – people will sometimes post if they have goats for sale. However, be sure to visit the goats at least once before buying them, in order to make sure they are healthy.

    The cost depends on several different things, such as breed, gender, and show quality. What are you planning on doing with the goats? Are they just going to be pets?

    You will need to get two – goats are herd animals and are usually miserable if they are by themselves.

    A doe (female goat) can cost on average anywhere from $ 100 to $ 500. Some breeds, such as Nigerian Dwarfs, are usually more expensive (I sell Nigerian Dwarf does from $ 300 to $ 500) – other breeds are more common and are thus cheaper (such as Oberhaslis – does usually sell for $ 100).

    Whethers (castrated male goats) are usually the cheapest, since they really are only pets and can’t be bred or milked. Whethers usually go for anywhere from $ 50 to $ 100.

    Don’t buy bucks (intact male goats) as a first time goat owner. They have a stinky, musky odor and can be aggressive during breeding season, so they don’t make good pets. If you decide you want to breed any does, you can take them to a farm and pay a stud fee to use someone else’s buck – it’s cheaper and easier than paying for and feeding your own buck. The only reason you should have a buck is if you have more than six does that you need to breed each year.

    You’ll also need to have good fencing, a barn or shelter for them to live in, and you’ll need to pay for hay, minerals, and other things they might need.

    Would it be possible to help out at a goat farm for a while before getting your own goats? If so, I highly suggest doing it. The experience can be beneficial for you, and you’ll be more ready to get goats of your own afterward.

    May 6, 2014 at 4:54 am

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