What’s up with the corporate mentality?

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Question by tangerine: What’s up with the corporate mentality?
I work for a chain store, and not too long ago, the general manager of a franchise in another state was shopping at our store. He was looking around rather disapprovingly, and when I asked him what he thought of our store, he grumbled that it wasn’t exactly like all the other franchises in the chain and he complained about how certain things were done differently in our store than in his. First of all, he’s not the CEO of the company. He’s just a general manager of one of many franchises. Why should he give a rat’s a*s if our store isn’t like all the others? Also, I don’t get why some corporate managers and employees want to suppress individuality and become drones and clones. A coworker of mine was recently denied a raise, and the general manager of our franchise told him that it was because he was too much of an individualist and not a team player. Actually, since I know so much about my boss, I think that it was really because my coworker doesn’t kiss butt. What’s up with all this?

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4 Responses to What’s up with the corporate mentality?

  1. I think it’s just the mentality of today’s world in general. Look at the way schools treat kids. They’re self-diagnosing our kids with ADD just so they can get them on Ritalin, so that they’ll all be calm and act like a bunch of robots. What happened to “personality”. You should get a bunch of people to quit that place and open up a store with “spunk”!!! Good luck!

    K B
    February 16, 2014 at 10:55 am

  2. He may be jealous. I wonder why he was there in the first place…did he hear that your store was doing well, probably BETTER than his? LOL.

    Yes kissing butt is something they expect. But your coworker not getting a raise for being an “individualist”, I’d complain to the corporate office, that isn’t a valid reason for not getting a raise. Then, once I got the raise, I quit and work for the competitor.

    If they supress you, you will be their little worker bees. That is the way they think. It’s all about control, manipulation, the bottom line. I suggest you seriously think about how you can break out on your own and not be a company dupe. You will wither and die if you stay in that for too long. Believe me, I’ve BTDT.

    February 16, 2014 at 11:50 am

  3. Whenever you get complaints in person or on phone, be +ve.

    GM was sharing the views.

    Pl 4give and 4get.

    O. K.

    February 16, 2014 at 11:59 am

  4. The key is “Chain Store”… the Franchise mentality demands consistency.

    The theory is that if you enter a McDonalds in Poughkeepsie, you will get the same quality (or lack thereof) food as you would in Miami.

    It is comfort for the American Consumer Lemming. This mentality is why the Mom & Pop restaurants are all but dead.

    We are afraid to pull into a small town and see Al’s Cafe with a flickering neon light and a burger flipper in a white, wife-beater t-shirt. “What will we get?” “Is it clean?” “Will I like it?”

    We KNOW McDonalds will serve us a Big Mac, fries and a coke.
    We feel comfort and dont really think about clean or tasty. It’s SAFE.

    The same is the likely mentality at your store. If a customer comes into your store, they “expect” it to be VERY similar to the last store of that chain they visited.

    Individuality is NOT the corporate way.

    You can’t control individuality. And that is likely much of the reason your friend did not get their raise.

    Your manager may like him as a person, but as an employee conformity matters.

    Go Lemmings, Go!

    February 16, 2014 at 12:48 pm

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