What to feed chickens?

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Question by Hannah W: What to feed chickens?
Well i have a bunch of chickens and i am raising them for the eggs, but what should i feed them so the eggs are amazing, the chickens are VERY healthy, and people buy my eggs. Stuff to feed like celery, carrots, and stuff that they will eat. What do they eat? Longest answer gets best answer!!

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  1. Their main food should be a high quality laying mash.It provides the protien and calcium needed for egg production.
    I also offer my hens treats such as bread(especialy corn bread),crackers,left over veggies such as green beans,corn tomatoes,sqaush.They also love watermelon and cantolope.
    Just about anything that I grow in the garden.
    If you free range then they will eat grass,bugs and whatever else they can find.Which is a lot cheaper on the wallet when you get the feed bill.

    May 28, 2014 at 7:30 am

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