What strength building plan would I need?

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Question by Smuve: What strength building plan would I need?
Hey, for afew weeks now I’ve bee researching different strength gaining and body building plans but none are what I need. I’m 14 years old, 5’9 ft, 54 kg. I’m medium-fit and am looking to get the swimmers body, not the big buff look. My question is basicly, Can someone help me get a good teenage workout plan to building a fit body? So far I only have dumbells and use 4kg. I’ve been doing random excerises like sit ups, pushups, leg raises, planks, squats, dumbell reps and other dumbell activites. I want a good plan and would APPRECIATE the help.
The set out i need is like this.
Monday: Shoulders, biceps, pecs
Tuesday: Abs, calves, legs
Wedseday: Rest
Thursday: Etc
Friday: Etc
Then on each day list the set out plan I have to do. 20 reps of pushups, 40 dumbells raises.
I have trouble building on my pecs and expanding them so that is my focus.
Thanx :)

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  1. you have the plan as it is… though i think your going to need heavier weights.. because is not challenging enough for you.. its simply not..

    you have the constructed plan right your grouping is good…
    but get heavier weights..

    or join a gym and workout that way in the gym…

    shoulders military press,
    side laterail raises
    shoulder shrugs

    biceps.. dumbell curls

    chest.. dumbell press
    chest flys

    situps different variations
    leg lifts
    side crunces< calf rases lunges, squats do 4 sets per exercise

    January 30, 2014 at 11:09 pm

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