What kind of light is needed to grow peppers indoors?

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Saturday 24 August 2013: Flower Meadow

The sun was streaming through my window and woke me early this morning so I sprang out of bed and set off on an early morning walk through the local lanes. Suddenly I found myself in this wonderful flower meadow where the bees were buzzing and the butterflies were fluttering from flower to flower tasting the delights that each had to offer…

Who am I kidding? I awoke quite late (well it is Saturday), had breakfast, fed the birds and then thought about what I should blip for today. This isn’t s beautiful flower meadow at all – it is actually a neighbours front garden… they’ve built a raised flower bed and filled it with this lovely mix of flowers. I just had to walk two doors down to photograph it (well it is Saturday after all!).

Question by Bob M: What kind of light is needed to grow peppers indoors?
Ok i am growing 6, 5 gallon pots of peppers 2 Bhut Jolokias, 2 Cayenne, 1 habanero, and 1 jalapeno. they take up about 6 sq ft. They are currently in my kitchen and do get natural sun light from a north facing window now im not sure if this will be enough light for the peppers to not only grow but produce fruit over the fall and through the winter. I know i can keep my house warm enough so my only concern is the light ive searched the internet but some people say LED some say HID is the Only way to get fruit or CFL and reds and blues so on and so on i dont know what to do, all i want to do is grow these peppers in my kitchen year round without buying some giant hydroponic contraption or using some ridiculous 600w high pressure sodium light thats going to raise my electric bill.

Will they get enough light? or do i need to add a grow light to the natural sunlight they get, if so what kind of light is cost effcient and will keep the plants producing? Thank you

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  1. also , you wont have any bees and bugs to naturally cross pollinate them.when they flower,, so you may have to do that manually.

    June 13, 2014 at 8:47 am

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