what is corperative society?

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Question by abubakar i: what is corperative society?

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  1. A corporate society is one where the worker group (bees) does all the heavy loading and the rest (management and stock owners) get the spoils. The bees get respectable payment for their effort, but management and stock owners (which are usually the same) are the only winners. Keep in mind that the perks like insurance and retirement (and stock) can disappear in a blink on a high management whim. Bees are not safe but safer than a homeless person. Management is not safe, but safer than the bees and can have parachutes that keep them safe even it the corporation fails. If you are a bee and want more, be careful. Management has its special set of problems.

    Management has molded this “Corporation Society” where the bees are happy, yet working hard. Management (usually Personnel — I think the term now is Human Resources) continuously works hard keep the bees in control. You can read your Corporation Employment Handbook that you get when they give you your cube. Inside the handbook, you can find rules about attire, harassment, being late and lots a lawyer words. Also note that the Corporation gives you a safe and healthy environment, fine pictures on the walls, carpeting, 6% raises, stock incentives (be real careful on this one), Christmas parties, days off, vacation and medical insurance. Good stuff.

    Good bees.

    June 17, 2014 at 11:05 am

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