What does a pigmy goat looklike?

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Image by CUESA
Next, Donna took us into her brand new cheese making facility. This is Donna’s 10th year making cheese, but until now she has always had to rent space in other facilities. This year the Pachecos finally got the money together to finish building a new space just for making and aging their cheeses. When we visited, there were 1800 wheels of cheese in the process of being aged.

Question by : What does a pigmy goat looklike?

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2 Responses to What does a pigmy goat looklike?

  1. They are small and their proportions are a bit different than normal goats. You should really just do an image search on google, that way you will be able to see one for yourself.

    April 28, 2014 at 4:08 pm

  2. They tend to be less than 22 inches at the withers. Unlike Nigerian Dwarfs (another breed of miniature goat) and other dairy goats, pygmies tend to be very stocky, often being described as a “barrel on legs.”

    They are often black, white, or gray, with black or brown facial strips and stockings, but otherwise do not have much color variation. They tend to have brown or golden eyes. They can have waddles, which are the flabs of skin that hang off a goat’s neck, and if they are not disbudded or polled, they can have horns.

    Here’s a picture of a some pygmy goats. You can search them on any search engine to see more:

    April 28, 2014 at 4:55 pm

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