what can solar power plants be used for?

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Image by UNDP in Europe and Central Asia
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Photo courtesy of UNDP in Armenia

Question by ALESANA: what can solar power plants be used for?
besides schools, what companies/factories, etc..

typically use solar power plants?

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One Response to what can solar power plants be used for?

  1. The large power plants, if that is what this is about, feed their power into the national grid, and from that it “mixes” with all the other power from other sources like coal plants, and a user can’t tell where it comes from. So anyone could be using it for anything you would use AC power for. It may be providing me power to operate this PC, although I doubt it as it is dark here now.

    If you are talking about small units on a roof, then homes, factories, stores, anyone can have one, if they have the money and enough sunlight.


    June 14, 2014 at 10:50 pm

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