What breed of goat would be a good fit for a Miniature donkey?

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The goats at Harley Farms Goat Dairy are positively loving. I’m serious. They are treated very well, and are like big ol’ pets who each give a gallon of milk a day, that is turned into very good cheese. The goats that are getting tired or start getting mastitis are retired. The male goats become brush-clearing goats. These goats are very, very happy.

Question by Maureen: What breed of goat would be a good fit for a Miniature donkey?
A friend of mine has a Miniature donkey; she has already tried to another Miniature donkey and he became very aggressive towards her. Her donkey is castrated; she is now looking into getting a goat, I am wondering what breed of goat would be best to be in the same pasture with the donkey?

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2 Responses to What breed of goat would be a good fit for a Miniature donkey?

  1. I’d say probably a full sized dairy goat wether (castrated male) would make a good pasture pal. Every breed has it’s perks but as long as they’re bottle fed they’ll be friendly and make good pets, just make sure the fencing surrounding the pen is goat-proof! they are escape artists!

    May 27, 2014 at 4:44 am

  2. I also recommended a dairy wether, they are sweet hearts and will be as big as the donkey once full grown. Plus disru wethers are usually reslly cheap, usually under 75$ , and domt cost much to
    Keep.But you should also beware, some donkeys are aggressive to goats. I have both dairy goats and a donkey, but thry get along fine. The only time is when they’re is food involved (grain or hay) but if they’re is enough for them to go around they will be fine. And also goats and donkeys are very similar actually. They love to eat brush and trees and such, but also dine on hay and trees.

    You will need shelter for the wether because goats HATE Rain. And also don’t feed the Wether (if you get one) too much grain, because he could get a urine calculi. Which is usually fatal, does (a female goat) can have grain. I would go to a few goat websites to research it before hand, http://www.fiascofarm.com is a good spot for goat info :) .

    May 27, 2014 at 4:50 am

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