Taiwanese goats may have died from wind farm noise?

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Question by Starbuck: Taiwanese goats may have died from wind farm noise?
Can we expect more of this resulting from the alarmists shifting one form of technology to another where all technologies have disbenefits?

Marcia, you obviously do not know much about the issue as this was an example of things to come, just as now we are finding out about plastic grocery bags, in lieu of paper bags which are much more environmentally friendly and about the new CFC lightbulbs that each have 1 mg of mercury in them. I suppose the liberals think that everyone will be good citizens and turn these bulbs into the proper landfills. Not. All you are saying is that YOU want YOUR sociological ideals used instead of what has been tried and proven in other technologies. To power the earth using your windmills will most certainly take up a lot of space and cause many problems still unseen yet and for what.

The liberals have decimated the forest products industry and have been for years on unfactual information about harvesting trees and just about all other aspects of the industry. The liberal left continues to spew total nonsense about how this industry is harming the environment.
Marcia, let me tell you a little about the harvesting of trees in the rainforest. Did you know that 95% of all logs are cut down for agriculture purposes, ie grazing and crop production and of that percentage, 75% is cut down by drug cartels to plant their crops for illegal drugs to support the incredible appetite for them in the United States. They slash and burn the logs and do not even use them. The forest products industry replants and uses every bit it can of this natural resource yet the liberals keep bashing the industry.

There is one other issue, the formaldehyde issue in California where this state has outlawed 300 million dollars worth of composite panels (plywood, etc.) because its emission of formaldehyde is .04 ppm higher when it was manufactured than what their current law states. Due to this they have caused 80,000 trucks to haul this material out of the state and millions of new acres will have to be harvested to replace it. A great environmental disaster.
Ah Bohemian the truth comes out. You defend the mills because your husband has a financial stake in it, ie working on them. This just proves my theory that liberals leave their businesses alone when it comes to environmentalism. Anything they do cannot possibly be a problem for the environment. We have always known this but Bohemiam just help in giving more data.

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5 Responses to Taiwanese goats may have died from wind farm noise?

  1. My daddy used to tell me stories about people that thought going faster than 25mph in a horseless carriage would make your blood stop moving in your veins ! lol !

    February 14, 2014 at 4:33 am

  2. Yes, because this obscure article was really written collectively by every single “alarmist” in the world. Give me a break. If you have a problem, talk to the author, don’t act like her views are representative of everyone in the world.

    It’s not even alarmist anyway, it’s just saying what happened. Did it conclude with “wind farms are evil” or “let’s stop building new wind farms”? No, it didn’t. All it said is it may have killed some goats in Taiwan. No emotion, just dry objective reporting.

    Apparently it was interesting enough that you felt the need to share it, and that’s all the reporter cared about. To be interesting and to get readers. Not to start a massive campaign against industrial progress.

    February 14, 2014 at 5:04 am

  3. That link didn’t work for me. But I find it hard to believe that people can live for years next to busy roads and not die while goats will die from noise no worse than that traffic noise.

    February 14, 2014 at 5:40 am

  4. For virtually every decision there is at least one pro and one con; many decisions do not result in only “good” for all. Virtually everything a living thing does creates waste for that living thing; ideally all of one living thing’s waste can be used as a resource for another. Few systems in life, whether of and by living or non-living entities, are simple; many have components we’ll never be able to fully define or identify, in addition most are involved in dynamic change. And, if there were simple solutions to things and systems we’ve identified as “problems” we would have already dealt with them in our natural course of doing things; they wouldn’t be considered a “problem” in the first place.

    The great thing about us humans is that we are pretty capable in manipulating resources into tools. And, once we create a new technology or tool, we are pretty capable in assessing its impact, value, and then making changes to affect both. There are few inventions, or tools, in the history of man-kind whose design and use have remained the same of its prototype. This includes the windmill.

    It would be hard to conclude that the modern windmill and wind farm doesn’t have some type of local impact both good and bad. It would be hard to conclude that each and every local windmill and wind farm impact could be forseen in the planning and drawing board stages. It is good that there are folks out there observing and reporting the impacts of this new design and use of the windmill. And, it is good that there are folks out there listening/reading about these impacts; both those that they think are good and those they think are bad. This allows us to work on expanding upon the “good” impacts while mitigating the “bad”. We cannot solve problems we don’t know about.

    Reality is, wind farming as we know it today utilizes our land resources. In and of its self, this will cause an impact. In the case of the goats, maybe sharing the land is not as viable as it was believed; not sharing the land is the quick and dirty solution. Of course, the goats’ plight might indicate the need for additional consideration. With that additional consideration, we may find that there was more than one cause for their demise. Coupled with our additional consideration must be a decision about whether the negative impacts out weigh the positive impacts of wind farms. But, because we humans excell in reasoning capability and resource manipulation the ultimate solution to the problem probably calls for design change coupled with underlying/;surrounding land use change.

    In the grand scope of things as we know them today, wind farm technology probably causes less environmental damage than it creates for both human and other critters alike. One problem with political and ideological polarization is that they blind us to observation followed by consideration of alternatives; even within the same world view that generated the polarization in the first place. The windmill of Holland’s 1800’s period of industrialization has come a long way. May the windmill and wind farm design of today continue to improve and change.

    February 14, 2014 at 6:38 am

  5. The story about the goats and the wind farm is complete crap!

    There’s not a single person on Yahoo Q&A better qualified to answer THIS question than me!

    Because I’ve raised goats since 1999, AND because my husband works on the commercial wind turbines.

    Wind turbines that are properly maintained make virtually no noise. The wind blowing through the trees and the grass makes more noise.

    Goats simply do NOT die of fright from noise. The jerk with the goats only wants money, pure and simple.

    I’ve had baby goats up at the wind turbine farm….zero fear (nor were the mating moose afraid of the wind turbines).

    Sheesh, this news story is so stupid!

    Permaculture homesteading/farming over 20 years
    Raising meat goats since 1999 (currently 79 goats in my herd)

    My husband no longer works on the wind turbines. He is now self employed and no longer in the wind business. We vote Libertarian….that would mean we are MORE CONSERVATIVE than most Rebublicans.

    February 14, 2014 at 7:18 am

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