solar energy project?

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solar water heater
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Fasi della costruzione del pannello solare. Senza aggiungere numeri per ora riusciamo a scaldare l’ acqua con 4 ore di sole tanto che non ci puoi lasiare il braccio dentro per piu’ di 2 secondi. Quanto sara’ la temperatura??

Question by andrew g: solar energy project?
o I’m in seventh grade and for my science project I want to make something that is solar powered. Can anyone give me suggestions (please something not too complicated) NOTE: I can’t do a solar oven because that’s already taken

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  1. You can make a solar water heater (as in pool heater, spa heater, shower water heater).
    This would be composed of a supply tank (at the higher level) with a thermometer, a flow control valve, a solar energy collector (a trough lined with aluminum foil, shaped like a parabola, with a tube running along the trough at the focus of the parabola) and a storage tank with a thermometer. With a fountain water pump to recycle up to the supply tank, you could chart the gallons per hour, the heat rise per hour, the area of the sun’s rays illuminating the trough tube, and the efficiency. You could substitute various tubes and coatings on them, various flow rates, and even do a closed cycle system that would circulate the heated water through a coiled copper tube heat exchanger in the cold water.
    To get really fancy, you could motorize the trough to follow the sun across the sky, giving the best orientation for maximizing the collection area. This could be a single axis one (elevation or high/low tilt) or a two axis one (tilt and swing E/W). You could even drive it with a motorized stand controlled by a computer program, like a telescope follows moving sky targets.
    Other design has a flat black painted metal panel with copper tubes on it, absorbing the heat from the metal. Glass covering the metal and insulation on the back makes it more efficient.

    March 23, 2014 at 5:27 am

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