question about horses and goats .?

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Question by The Seeker: question about horses and goats .?
do you think that 2 dairy goats and 2 Pygmy goats eat about the same amount as one small horse? also, in a month, if a horse doesn’t have any problems i.e. broken limbs, bad cuts ect. how much do you think one horse costs a month, with shots, hay, pellets, deworming, trimming ect. thanks allot– Silent Knight
sorry, i meant to say do you think 4 goats eat about the same abount as a horse. sorry again for the miss understanding
docmoon, are you talking about 200-250 bucks a month all together?
and i own 4 goats, and i am looking to buy a horse
also, i am not going to board, so with that, about how much is a horse in a month. and i am talking about an arabian, which is generally a pretty small breed of horse.

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  1. A horse costs way more then 4 goats. Hay is usually 3-7 dollars a bale, and and grain is about 14-40 dollars, shots are not very expensive if you do them yourself. Pretty much all i can remember, any other questions just ask

    April 22, 2014 at 4:15 pm

  2. A small horse probably eats twice as much as the goats. Although I guess it depends how much hay and or grain you feed your goats. A horse probably coast $ 200 – $ 250 a month.

    The cheapest would probably be $ 150 a month – for the horse :) Goats are quite a bit less. So you own a horse and are looking to get goats? If so goats are cheaper but they still need a lot of care similar to horse. You will probably go through two bales a week. Although it’s hard to tell because I only have two little wethers and there mostly on grass. However, goats are miss understood – they will actually only eat high quality hay which will cost more. They will also need grain if they will be used for milk. Of course if you have pasture or woods for them to graze on there hay intake will be less.

    Goats need:
    goats minerals
    selenium and vitamin E – ever month to 6 weeks
    Copper bolus – my goats are pron to copper deficiency.

    Things cost a lot up front but you don’t have to use very much. Good luck. Hopefully this is what you where looking for.

    April 22, 2014 at 4:57 pm

  3. Goats don’t eat very much in comparison to a horse. You are probably guessing about right, 4 small goats will eat about the same as a small horse, at the most.

    I am keeping quarter horses, 1/2 bale hay per day per horse, and about, per month, 1 bag of cubes per horse (+/-), plus about 1/2 bag sweet feed (13%) and some Equalizer. That is about $ 90 (CDN) per month. I can pasture my horses for about three months in the year. The farrier is about $ 100 every 8 weeks depending on what he does, and the vet is about $ 100 twice a year.

    If your horse colics, or has an accident like a hoof abcess or needs other emergency care, that can add up really fast, especially if it is midnight, or a holiday week-end, which is when most emergencies happen..

    The goats will eat all kinds of stuff in your pasture that the horses won’t (and shouldn’t) be eating. They will clean out your fences, but you will not be able to keep them inside your fences. There may be some tricks to that, because some people seem to be able to do that.

    Goats will mix well with horses. Just a remark, if you have poultry,
    put the birds in a separate building. Chickens and other poultry do not mix with horses. The old timers all knew that. That is why on the old farms, the hen house was always separate.

    Good luck with the goats.


    April 22, 2014 at 5:03 pm

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