Permaculture – Is this our sustainable future?

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Question by belladonnadeadlynightshade: Permaculture – Is this our sustainable future?
Is Permaculture our sustainable future?

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2 Responses to Permaculture – Is this our sustainable future?

  1. Permaculture is a system of agriculture that is much less damaging to the environment than conventional methods. It uses water more efficiently and because of its use of companion planting and forest agriculture is much less demanding in the use of pest control. It will however require a paradigm shift in our attitudes at the supermarket as the produce often does not have the shelf-life, colour or lack of blemish that many have come to expect. It is not worse and often it is more flavoursome and nutritious. Unfortunately we have often sacrificed taste and goodness for looks and shelf-life.

    April 29, 2014 at 12:00 am

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