Is there Mini Goat Shows?

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dairy goats
Image by CUESA
The Pachecos live on the farm.

Question by : Is there Mini Goat Shows?
I have a mini weather goat and he just looks amazing and I really want to show him some time.
(he is my icon!)

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One Response to Is there Mini Goat Shows?

  1. Yes, there are, although usually they aren’t specifically known as “mini goat shows.”

    Nigerian Dwarfs can be shown in dairy goat shows, and pygmy goats can be shown in meat goat shows (even if they aren’t going for meat).

    However, shows for wethers are rather rare (but they do exist!). If you wanted to show him, I suggest looking for a showmanship class or a costume class, or any practice show. Official shows require that goats be registered before they can be shown, but that’s not always the case with showmanship, costume, or practice shows.

    You could also enter him in a team-fitting contest, which is where you and three team mates have to get him ready for a show (clipped and cleaned and everything) during a time limit.

    April 27, 2014 at 4:23 am

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