If there was to be an apocalypse in the next 100-200 yrs, how do you think it would be?

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Question by someone: If there was to be an apocalypse in the next 100-200 yrs, how do you think it would be?
(based on how the world is doing today –> what is something destructive about us that could threaten our time on the Earth?)

XP. I’ve been reading too much sci-fi. Just curious as to what people think, since I don’t think I have enough knowledge of what’s going on it the world to decide for myself…

What do you think? Answer below!

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One Response to If there was to be an apocalypse in the next 100-200 yrs, how do you think it would be?

  1. Perhaps we’ve gone beyond a tipping point, and global warming will lead to a runaway self feeding effect raising global temperatures by hundreds of degrees. Current leadership was too short sighted. Everyone will try to live on mountains in Antarctica, which has little soil, and can’t sustain 12 billion people. Religious leadership was still banning birth control. In the struggles, there’s a nuclear bomb exchange, irradiating Earth for millions of years.

    Forget that one. Too easy.

    WR 104, a Wolf Rayet star some 8,000 light years away goes hypernova. It’s pole is aimed almost exactly at the Earth, and fires a gamma ray burst lasting only seconds, but killing every living thing on half of the globe, and destroying half of the atmosphere’s ozone. WR 104 is in Sagittarius, and so much of the North is spared, but as it happens, that’s mostly poor people in western Siberia and the Pacific ocean due to the way the Earth happened to face at the time. Food production comes to less than a standstill, and most of the remaining population dies in wars over the remaining scraps.

    What the heck, let’s just go with the standard. A mad man is elected president of the United States and orders a preemptive nuclear strike with the full arsenal. Only half of the nukes are launched, but it is still enough to trigger a nuclear winter, and the Sun is blocked out for ten years leading to massive crop failure. Less than a million humans survive, and humans and chickens are the only species bigger than a worm to make it. It’s the worst mass extinction in the history of Earth.

    In the last scenario, there is no apocalypse, per se. Things go business as usual. But we’re currently in the midst of one of the great mass extinctions, with a new species going extinct every twenty minutes. Over the next 20 years, species near the poles die out in a kind of southward moving snow line. But what is really happening is that species that can are moving North. In 50 years, half of all species of birds go extinct every decade. Half of all tree species vanish every decade. CO2 has saturated the oceans and first is corals, but later most species of fish, and so on go extinct. But as it seems “gradual”, there’s no alarm call. Then one day, there’s no more food coming from the ocean. The arable land stops producing because some chain reaction kills off the bees and insects that pollinate everything. Nine billion people die of starvation in a single year, leaving just three billion. Economic and technological collapse happens over the next ten years and fewer than a million are left.

    January 22, 2014 at 5:24 pm

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