How to ask county commissioner?

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Question by Isaac: How to ask county commissioner?
My 4-H club is going soon to attend a county commissioner meeting soon. The current county law is that urban homes can only own 15 chickens, including one rooster. first of all, that is an old law, and second, I love chickens and I hate being restricted. The neighbors don’t care about our chickens, especially since we give them fresh eggs from time to time. We own 12 chickens right now, and we want more to be able to love and sell at fair. How would I make a proposition to county commissioner at one of their meetings to change the law?
I live in New Mexico, ABQ, Bernalillio

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  1. Start a petition and have many sign it like the one you receive on the net from change org try this for starters.

    Have a look this may help you

    Changing Your City’s Chicken Laws – Scribd

    Country GIRL
    May 9, 2014 at 12:50 am

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