How often do ducks lay eggs?

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raising ducks
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One event on the annual Turku day was a charity plastic duck race. Individual people and organisations purchased a duck for €10, donating the money to the protection of the Baltic Sea. Around 1600 ducks were dropped into the water, so it was a considerable sum raised all together.

Question by lizzy2001: How often do ducks lay eggs?
Ii”m thinking about getting some ducks to raise for there eggs but,don’t know much about them. Can anyone give me some info?

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  1. Well ducks are easy compared to chickens once fully featherd however- ducks don’t suit confinment very well best free ranging.
    the only way to keep them in a pen is to either have it paved and hose it down everyday or have a really good thick layer of bark chipings. they need a nice area of clean water to bath in this can be a baby bath or a small plastic sand pit base that makes them messy and that they like to dabble they will also like to root the lawn but are great slug eaters.
    They need to be kept dry in a small shed on either shavings or straw in the winter they need cleaning out alot they don’t need water or food at night as this will turn the house into a wet a mess even faster! Ducks can have a plesent but lould quack too. They are brill layers of white and blue eggs early in the morning there are lots of breeds -get a good book before you buy they are great

    Arthur Parkinson
    February 9, 2014 at 3:03 am

  2. The answer to your question could fill a book….and it does. Here are the top books which really helped me and I still refer to them now, for the illness and ailment chapters. They are fun to read, too.

    Raising the Home Duck Flock by Dave Holderread

    Ducks and Geese in Your Backyard: A Beginner’s Guide by Rick Luttman

    The New Duck Handbook by Raethel Heinz-Siqurd

    I used to have more books, but these three, I still have and refer to. Just pick one for starters. They are paperback and available cheap online or at a used bookstore.

    BTW, the Indian Runner is considered the champion egg-layer. They are funny looking and fun to be around, too.

    February 9, 2014 at 3:05 am

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