how much time should i spend with my goats?

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Image by State Library and Archives of Florida
Local call number: c017683

Title: [E.B. DeWitt holds the goats from his farm ]

Personal Author: Johnson, Frank.

Date: Ca. 1953.

Physical descrip: Physical descrip: 1 photoprint : b&w ; 4 x 5 in.

Series Title: (Commerce Collection.)

Repository: State Library and Archives of Florida, 500 S. Bronough St., Tallahassee, FL 32399-0250 USA. Contact: 850-245-6700.

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Question by Tori: how much time should i spend with my goats?
i just got them yesterday from a goat farm and they are very friendly and trusting. i had an idea that they might like it if i just sat in the pen with them and read a book outloud. Honestly, do you think that is crazy or will they actually enjoy it? I know they can’t actually understand what i’m saying but its the sound of a voice …you know? And i have to leave the house a lot of the time around 8 and i dont get home til 5 …is that bad?? I just want to give them the right amount of attention…if not more =] I figured since they were from a goat farm, they probably didnt get babied all the time because there were over 200 goats to take care of but, everytime i leave the pen they freak out and start crying (baaing lol) and i feel bad to leave them. At a much should i be with them per day?

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2 Responses to how much time should i spend with my goats?

  1. If they get to know the sound of your voice, fantastic. Should also help with your reading skills and such. ;o)

    Just be with them quite a bit. I heard you can teach them tricks.

    Even if it isn’t true, I am sure you can teach them a fair bit. Whether it’s heel or whatever. =D

    This should help build trust and a lasting bond.

    April 24, 2014 at 4:33 am

  2. Goats like attention and like any pet you neeed to play with them. When i go feed mine i always take 20 minutes to let then run around the yard and eat trees and leavess which by the way are great lawn mowers just keep them out of your moms flower bed! they are some poisionous plants that they cant eat which your mom might grow. goats dont like whe their mama leaves em. But in their pen you shoud have stuff for them to climb on like for example theey love too stand in wheel barrows, or walk up childs slides. They need things to keep em busy. they also cry becasue they are in a new enviroment . it takes some time to get used to it. dont bring a book into the pen because they goats will surely eat it! lol but you can bring them cookies. Like a regualr sugar cookie. Goats love em and they dont hurt em at all. but let them out of the pen to run, if they dont come to you to go back in the pen you can always lure them in with food!
    good luck!

    April 24, 2014 at 4:53 am

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