how much do water heaters cost????

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Question by ~DaRk PhOeNiX~: how much do water heaters cost????
ok so last night my water heater was leaking water and my whole garage was filled with water going down to the driveway!
i called my uncle and he turned off the hot water so now we only have cold running water and he told me that the water heater is broken and that we need to buy another one!

so my question is where could i find one that is cheap?????
ive looked at home but thats the only store i can figure out that sell these things????
and how much are they????? im trying to find one that is between $ 300-$ 500 or cheaper lol

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  1. Electric hot water heaters are cheapest
    Gas hot water heaters are most common and are slightly more expensive
    Oil Fired hot water heaters give almost an infinite amount of hot water with the fastest recovery rates
    Solar hot water heaters will pay for themselves in 3 to 5 years and after you will not pay for fuel.

    These may all look like a basic hot water cylinder. Now you also have:

    Electric hot water cylinders that use refrigeration principals to get heat from the air
    Instant hot water heaters in gas and electric that make hot water instantly. These eliminate standing losses but benefit more from shorter runs from heater to point of use.

    You didn’t say what kind you have or what you want to replace it with.

    Home Depot is a reasonable place to buy a replacement. Any plumbing supply will also sell you an electric or gas fired unit. In many places they have people who will install them for you.

    The cost will vary depending upon:

    1 what kind of unit
    2 size or capacity of the unit
    3 warranty on the unit
    4 area of the country
    5 who installs it.

    In my area (NE) a gas fired 10 year warranted 50 gallon hot water cylinder will cost about $ 450 and about $ 300 to have installed.

    Breath on the Wind
    May 19, 2014 at 9:58 am

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