how do i start raising chickens?

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backyard chickens
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eventually, she developed a gentler technique

Question by threenorns: how do i start raising chickens?
i live in the bush – we’re talking a 20min drive to the nearest ***anything*** and it’s a dirt road my house is on, no high-speed, can’t even get dialup (and before anyone jumps in with the snarkiness, i’m at my ex’s in the city). i would like to start up with chickens for eggs and meat. i’ve looked online but most of the sites seem to assume a level of knowledge i don’t have – ie, “build a coop”.



what kind of chickens would be best – it gets freakin’ cold (below -40C is not unusual), so the breed would have to be hardy. would it be best to get egg chickens and meat chickens or are there chickens that’ll do for both? what about a rooster? i remember we had a rooster when i was a young child and i was so scared of it – vicious little [BEEP} that it was. any other tips?
LMAO – okay, i’ll give you that one.
oh, i’m familiar with what a coop is and what it’s for, but how big does it have to be? if i build a coop ‘x’ by ‘y’, how many chickens can i put in it (too many chickens in a coop results in bloodshed and cannibalism). i’ve got experience actually looking after the chickens but only once everything’s been established – it’s getting to that point that’s giving me some stick.

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  1. im no chicken expert.. but the chicken coop i think is so that u know where to look for the eggs. and for shelter during the winter for ur chickens. and also so the big bad wolf dont eat them either.. but when u buy them they will be tiny and u keep them in a tub and under a heat lamp till they get bigger.. good luck and i think u only get like one male but im not sure about that.. keep me posted on how it goes.. after u get going on the chickens.. get some rabbits.. lol..those are always fun to see hopping around ur yard.

    dog owner
    June 20, 2014 at 5:37 am

  2. Okay here ya’ go….
    I recommend these books to you:
    Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens
    Barnyard in Your Backyard
    these 2 books are loaded with the info you need.

    Check out these 2 site: (coop tutorials here)
    these 2 are also loaded with info backyard chickens has a forum where you can get about any poultry Q. answered

    Order these free catalogs: (all order online)
    Meyers Hatchery

    These resources will give you all the info you need! And by the way I recommend Buff Orpingtons as a great cold hardy dual purpose breed.

    Joe B
    June 20, 2014 at 6:19 am

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