how can i kill a goat for religious holidays?

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Question by princessc2011: how can i kill a goat for religious holidays?
i have reverted to islam i want to sacrifice a goat for Eid al-Adha
also when i have kids
where can i buy a goat?
can i get someone to kill the goat for me?
what tools and equipment do i need?
can i get introuble off the police or animal rights

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4 Responses to how can i kill a goat for religious holidays?

  1. I am sure you can order one from a local farm, just be sure to actually eat it. There is nothing wrong with raising animals for food stocks, we all are a part of that. If you actually wanted to know that is, and are not just being silly.

    The Seeker
    May 31, 2014 at 4:50 pm

  2. My Grandpaw just shot ’em in the head with his 4:10.

    May 31, 2014 at 5:12 pm

  3. Pity you don’t live in NZ because they roam the hills there and MAF allow you to kill as many as you like

    Friendly Neighbourhood Atheist
    May 31, 2014 at 5:13 pm

  4. First thing, double check with local law enforcement as to where you are allowed and not allowed to slaughter animals for human consumption. Most often, you will be allowed to do it on the farm where you buy the animal. For the farm, depending on your location, it could be tricky. I live in Arkansas, so there are many farms just outside many large cities. If you live in a more metro area, you could have trouble finding a farm. Just search online for a local farm that raises goats and just call them up to ask if you could purchase one of their goats to slaughter. That would also be the time to ask if you could use their property for the actual slaughter, as some places would not allow you to do that. Always be very honest and clear when asking, as you do not want any assumptions or confusion to get in the way.

    If you just want to pay to have the slaughtering done (and you do not want the meat to eat), you can contact your local Masjid (Mosque) and they usually take the money, and put it in a “pool” where the money is used to buy many animals that will be slaughtered for the donors and the meat is distributed to the needy.

    For the slaughter, you only need one super sharp knife; usually a good chef’s knife will do. You can use this knife for the slaughter, skinning, and gutting, but if you plan to cut the animal up before you head home, you will need a meat cleaver for cutting large bones and ribs, and a smaller knife for more detailed work as well as an ice filled cooler for transportation. For the rules and requirements of slaughter, please see the link below, rules #2600-2604 (there are other rules concerning slaughter on this page, but these are the main ones).

    My husband and I have slaughtered many goats and chickens in the 12 years I have been a Muslim. It is really not too tricky. If you need any more help, I would recommend contacting your local Masjid, as they will be able to help you more directly.

    InshAllah, sticking to a Zabihah (Halal) diet will become easy for you because of your honest intentions.


    May 31, 2014 at 6:09 pm

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