have you ever tasted goats milk?

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dairy goats
Image by Linn County Fair

Question by hey dude: have you ever tasted goats milk?
how does goats milk taste?? does any company sell goat milk?

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One Response to have you ever tasted goats milk?

  1. here in US you can buy canned goat milk in the baking aisle. It is more digestible than cows milk, naturally homogenized and higher in calcium and protein than cows milk. Some babies that cannot tolerate any other kind of milk can tolerate goats milk very well.
    I raised a few dairy goats long ago when my children were small and the milk can be very tasty if the goats are allowed to free range eat. They are very picky eaters, contrary to popular thought but they do like to taste and feel things with their mouths. When the goats ate what ever they wanted, the milk tasted vaguely like it had sugar and cinnamon in it. When I had to confine them and feed hay and grain, it was more strongly flavored, more “goaty” tasting.
    There are a few dairy goat farms around that bottle and sell their own products as well. Google goat dairy farms and see.

    February 8, 2014 at 4:26 am

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