Fun quiz!! Fill in your answers too!?

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Question by honeydoooo: Fun quiz!! Fill in your answers too!?
Top 3 favorite resturants to eat at?Apple bees,Golden Corral,Blue Wasabi[Sushi]

Top 3 fast food?Elmers[local mexican food place ] chick fillet,and arbys!

Favorite color?Purple!

Top 5 favorite shows?Thats 70 show,south park,fresh prince,reno 911,secret life of the american teenager

Top 5 favorite movies?White chicks,transformers2,tropic thunder,scarymovie[1,2,3,4],& twilight

Hottest girl celeb?Megan Fox[no homo]

Hottest boy?Shia Labeouf!or Channing tatum!

Give 3 jobs you want to be: 1.Hair stlyist 2.RN 3.Teacher

How old are you:14!

What is your favorite quote: Ok this isnt really a qoute but I say this to people a lot ” Just because one has more money, isnt a reason to spend it” and I sorta just thought of that because people waste their money on so much useless stuff!

top 5 favorite cartoons:Ed,Edd,Eddy, scooby doo,lilo and stitch,johnny bravo,courage the cowardly dog haha all the good ones! oh wait and power puff girls,dexters laboratory,and the mis adventures of billy and mandy!lol i dont watch them anymore but i did a lot when i was like 7

where were you born; florida

where were you raised; Arizona :] i love it here

where have you lived your whole life; arizona

do you like scrambled eggs; Nope!

what about nacho supremes: LOVE EM

favortie food: I love burritoes lol i also love lasagna and sushi….wait i know ramen noodles!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3yummmmmmm what are you doing; this!lol and watching disney channel did you like this quiz: yes Add your own answer in the comments!

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5 Responses to Fun quiz!! Fill in your answers too!?

  1. Add another 20 similarly irritating questions, i”ll be back to answer then.

    rohit s
    February 20, 2014 at 2:35 pm

  2. Sizzlers, Burger King, KFC

    In-N-Out, Mc Donald’s, Pop Eyes (weird name i now)

    Favorite color:::::: black grey white light colors like orange yellow green…..basically all colors Except,,,,pink and red……HATE EM

    top 5 shows——The O.C…90210….Desperate House Wives…Grey’s Anatomy….Noor (turkish series)

    top 5 movies…..Mad-ea Goes To Jail….Diary of a Mad Black Woman …..The Women……Disturbia….Iron Giant (such a nice cartoon)

    hottest girl celeb—–ya i guess it would be megan fox

    hottest guy celeb—-BOTH cant pick… shia but channing is sooo cute

    Age……turning 14 in september

    Favorite Quotes………It takes SKILL to trip over flat surfaces

    Top 5 cartoons……Kim Possible….Blue’s House of Imaginary Friends..Tom and Jerry…..Phineas and Ferb……The Fairly Odd Parents

    Born…San Francisco . California

    Raised….California…until the age 10….

    Lived whole life….California for 10 years and Palestine for 4 years and more (maybe)

    Scrambled eggs—-they are all right…

    nacho supremes……Love them

    Favorite Food………lasagina and tacos

    what are you doing………listening to music….chatting…yahoo answers (this) ….reading a story (pride and Prejudice)

    did you like this quiz::::: HELL YA…….:)

    lil miss confused...
    February 20, 2014 at 3:17 pm

  3. Top 3 favorite resturants to eat at?
    Lumpinis Thai restaurant, Horse and Jockey and curry cottage ^_^

    Top 3 fast food?
    MacDonald’s, KFC and pizza hurt

    Favorite color?
    Dark purple

    Top 5 favorite shows?
    True blood, Dexter, Family Guy, Friends, American Dad

    Top 5 favorite movies?
    Pirates of the Caribbean (all of them) Van helsing, St Trinians, Harry potter (only numbers 3, 4 and 6 =]) and Corpse bride =]

    Hottest girl celeb?
    Dunno really :S

    Hottest boy?
    Johnny Depp

    Give 3 jobs you want to be:
    1: Author
    2: Have no idea
    3: Have no idea

    How old are you: 15 =D

    What is your favorite quote: No sh*t Sherlock

    top 5 favorite cartoons:
    Family Guy, American dad, The Simpson’s, Furutrama (sorry I didn’t spell that right) and South Park

    where were you born; England

    where were you raised; England

    where have you lived your whole life; England

    do you like scrambled eggs;YESSSSSSS =D

    what about nacho supremes: what?

    favorite food: I don’t know they name for it but its Thai, its sorta noodles, chicken and a load of vegetables in a soup bowl coated with gravey. Its lush!

    what are you doing; This quiz.

    did you like this quiz: Mehhh

    February 20, 2014 at 3:33 pm

  4. Top 3 favorite resturants to eat at? Palm Beach, Cafe Chinoy, BJ’s Restaurant and Brewary

    Top 3 fast food? Mos Burger, Subway, KFC

    Favorite color? Black

    Top 5 favorite shows? Lost, The Mentalist, Psych, American Idol, Prison Break

    Top 5 favorite movies? Transformers 2, Harry Potter (all of them), The Triumph, She’s The Man, The Pursuit Of Happiness

    Hottest girl celeb? no comment
    Hottest boy? no comment

    Give 3 jobs you want to be: 1. Lawyer, Jounalist, Photographer

    How old are you:13

    What is your favorite quote: erm…err…ugh…dunno???

    top 5 favorite cartoons:Spongebob (LOL), Kyou Kara Maou, Inuyasha, W.I.T.C.H., Ben 10?
    do you like scrambled eggs; YEP!

    what about nacho supremes: YEP!

    favortie food: I’d be wasting even more of my time if I wrote them…

    what are you doing; WADAYA THINK?!?!

    did you like this quiz: ok…

    February 20, 2014 at 4:28 pm

  5. Top 3 favorite resturants to eat at? Dont Know, Pizza Hut, Royal Indian?

    Top 3 fast food? Not Too Keen On Fast Food

    Favorite color?Black, Red

    Top 5 favorite shows? Outnumbered, Eastenders, Song Marry Avoide, How Not To Live Your Life, My Big Decision

    Top 5 favorite movies? The Grudge, Lion King, EdwardScissorHands, Lesbian Vampire Killers

    Hottest girl celeb? Laura White, Super Curvy! :)

    Hottest boy? Chrisopher Drew, Oli Sykes, Alex Gaskath.

    Give 3 jobs you want to be: What Ever Is In The Job Centre

    How old are you:13

    What is your favorite quote: ‘Everyone’s A Let Down’

    top 5 favorite cartoons: Dont Really Watch Cartoons

    where were you born; E’Bourne

    where were you raised; E’Bourne

    where have you lived your whole life; Neptune

    do you like scrambled eggs; Yeah

    what about nacho supremes: No

    favortie food: Chocolate

    what are you doing; YahooooAnswers, Watching 10 Years Younger

    did you like this quiz: Not Really

    February 20, 2014 at 4:37 pm

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