Duck Diet Help for Science fair?

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Question by : Duck Diet Help for Science fair?
im doing a science fair project on duck nutrition when they are being raised for food and was wondering if anyone could give me the names of some unorganic industrial like food… thanks!!!

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  1. Rice-ducks farming to address food security | Sun.Star Network Online
    … from this, ducks also serve as effective pesticides as they eat the pests, … organic rice with zero inorganic fertilizer, insecticide and herbicide application. … – 60k – Cached
    [PDF] Do the same plants and animals that live in a reservoir live in a river?
    76k – Adobe PDF – View as html
    Inorganic nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus) food/nesting materials. W. ater Lily … Herbivorous; eat bulky vegetable food, tree shoots, grasses. Mountain Lion. W …

    May 11, 2014 at 7:09 pm

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