Duck and poultry question?

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raising ducks
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this is an embarrassment. in a day and age when people are struggling to survive and restaurants are going under, the last thing we need are bourgeois slackers protesting against a restaurant that serves a SINGLE luxury commodity item on their menu.

i hate fois gras. i think it’s disgusting and the process in which the animals are treated is gruesome. i’ve hated the whole business for two decades now.

but who has time to go protest something so ridiculously minimal in a city where so many people are eating factory-farmed foods where the horrors and animal tortures are unending?

the hypocrisy in this action is literally as disgusting to me as the way a small number of farm raised ducks get treated!!! it’s so blatantly hostile and meaningless to the 99.9% who don’t even know what foie gras tastes like but are stuffing GMO and chemical and pesticide-ladened foods into their bodies by the platefuls…


so what’s really going on?
what’s the real dispute against this restaurant that these "protestors" would threaten the livelihoods of every employee who works here?
why are these people really targeting this restaurant?
i want to know.

and isn’t it illegal to use a bull horn on a public street to blare and blast your message into a private establishment?
i was told to fk off when i asked them who they were and why they were in our neighborhood taking up the side walk space.
so i still don’t know, but i want them out of my neighborhood.

this is economic business terrorism, not a real protest.
and it’s starting to happen more and more around the city and i’m running into it when i go out walking in different neighborhoods.
i started photographing these episodes last week.

i had no idea it was going to become a trend, but apparently it is.

and here’s the golden irony. i kind of hope bisou does go out of business, but it’s because i resent them for serving unlimited alcoholic beverages on their saturday and sunday brunches for 10$ or less. i hate that they get people totally wasted in the morning and afternoon and send the drunks out onto market street to stagger around and giggle and pee and puke. lime already shut down, so i’m super glad of that.

but at the same time, i find this attack to be completely deserving of a spanking of monumentally shallow proportions! heheheh

Question by no11tgc: Duck and poultry question?
any one know the hunting season for duck in South Australia, the age when duck is slaughtered in South Australia or what a 1.9 duck is?


any idea what a number 19 duck is?

Feel free to answer in the comment section below

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2 Responses to Duck and poultry question?

  1. Due to the continuing drought conditions throughout south-eastern Australia there will be no duck hunting in South Australia during 2008.

    I think farm raised ducks for the market it is 6 weeks.

    A 1.9 duck will probably be 1.9kg.

    March 29, 2014 at 5:04 pm

  2. Please, hunt only gun totting ducks, then the hunt is even.

    Amos C
    March 29, 2014 at 5:33 pm

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