Does my goat have to have a ear tag to go to jackpot shows?

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Question by *M@D!S0N*: Does my goat have to have a ear tag to go to jackpot shows?
i want to do some shows, but he doesnt have a tag, is it required? and if so where do i get one?

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One Response to Does my goat have to have a ear tag to go to jackpot shows?

  1. In shows, goats do not usually have eartags (though occasionally it is acceptable for meat goats, many breeders are moving away from this), instead they are tattooed in the ear/ears (or tails if they are LaMancha, which have teeny tiny ears) with a specific number (like their own handy dandy SSN :)). Most official shows do require either an eartag or an ear tattoo, this will usually be stated on the application/entry form, or you may wish to check information from the American Meat Goat Association (the American Dairy Goat Association has very strict requirements for the information contained in individual tattoos, I believe meat goats are slightly more lenient, but I’m note sure). Because most shows require proof of vaccination/health/veterinary check, they will want a reliable form of ID for the animal (so they know you didn’t bring a sick one and the papers for the healthy one). Contact either the breeder you purchased him from, or a breeder in your area (almost all breeders keep their own equipment for de-horning, tattooing, etc.), and ask if they will tattoo or tag him for you for a fee.

    You may also do it yourself, although I have never tagged ears before, it may be cheaper than tattooing. See the following link for information:

    Tagging does not hurt the goat anymore than when we get our ears pierced, so, provided he is well behaved, it shouldn’t be any real trouble (once you get over any initial squicks).

    Even if an individual show does not require a tag (and most all of them do, even in amateur, 4-H shows) you will want some form of definitive ID for your animal whenever you take him off your property.

    Elyssa Morena
    May 4, 2014 at 4:21 pm

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