does broiler & layer chicks feed the same?

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Question by Alan: does broiler & layer chicks feed the same?

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  1. No the broiler will grow much faster than a regular chicken does. Broilers need a much higher protein content to the foods than a reg chicken requires.
    Broilers: Chickens need to be able to eat all at the same time to ensure they all get foods some could be pushed away till others are done then the feed may be all gone so best to use a feeder big enough that all can get to at same time as feeding takes place.Proper nutrition is recommended with a 23%protein starter for 1 st 4 weeks, 19%protein grower feed at 4-8 weeks.Its VERY ESSENTIAL birds receive such feeds and proteins.. They will also require plenty of water sources ……

    Layers:Hens need a starter feed from birth to at least 6 weeks or more.This should be high in protein as well.Then placed on a grower feed for at least 3-5 months then on to scratch feed and laying pellets. With the pellets you will have to decide what type you want there is the layer or the breeder. Layer is for eggs to eat the breeder is eggs for hatching out peeps.

    February 16, 2014 at 10:48 am

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