Big problem with my work about chickens?

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backyard chickens
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Question by Ariadna Jatymowicz: Big problem with my work about chickens?
I’m writing sort of book for my university, it’s about chickens behavior. I have a problem with english title (book is in polish, only title have to be written in two languages). How to write correctly:
“Behavior of chicken during the breeding period in backyard”
Maintained in backyard? I don’t know if the meaning of “backyard” is the same as in Polish. Backyard as extensive system, pastured poultry, natural way.

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One Response to Big problem with my work about chickens?

  1. im from the U.S, ive read alot of magzines ect and backyard being refered as “garden”, at least thats what european countrys say. “keeping the chickens in the garden”, not in actual garden like we think but thats what they call their backyards, gardens:)

    Amanda Marohl
    June 23, 2014 at 9:01 pm

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