batter raised chickens questions?

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Question by *HIS Pooh bear*: batter raised chickens questions?
There is a big move over here to ban battery raised chickens because of the harm it does to them. Should such a ban be put in force here or in the USA? Why or why not.
If you know anything about Ethics,Touch on some of the arguments from Peter Singer and Machan about it.

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2 Responses to batter raised chickens questions?

  1. Battery hens will never stop because the egg industry are focused on the fast profits. All eggs are a product of abuse. On factory farms birds are taken from their mothers before birth thus being denied most of their natural types of behaviour. No water is provided for ducks and geese to swim in and there is no chance for hens and turkeys to dust-bathe in. They are crammed into sheds where the stench of ammonia from their droppings is intense and often leads to respiratory problems. Selective breeding means that these young birds grow very fast. Their bones have no time to become strong enough to hold their weight so many birds have broken bones and most have lost the ability to fly. Birds are commonly hung upside down and passed through a bath of electrified water which should stun them before having their throats slit. The birds are slaughtered at such a fast spead and then left to bleed to death. Most laying hens are kept in battery cages with several birds to one cage, the amount of room is roughly the size of a microwave. Many birds resort to canabilism because they cant all reach the food, birds are de-beaked by having the tip of their beaks sliced off and this leaves them in pain for days. Free range eggs are still a product of abuse, they are de-beaked as in the battery system and half of all the chicks are gassed at a day old because they are males and no good for laying eggs. The only stance us vegans can make against such animal cruelty is by refusing to eat eggs. People will always hide from the facts and the industry dont care about animals just the vast profits they will make.

    June 22, 2014 at 1:27 am

  2. Mermaid, only about half of what you just said is true.
    Chickens haven’t been able to fly very far for many many years. That is not just happening now because of breeding.
    I am 58 years old and the chickens my mom raised on a farm never flew much either. They just cannot fly much.
    Chickens are also natural cannibals.
    Even raising a small batch of 50 babies in a nice sunny coop with lots of room to run around in, all you need is one chick to have different colored feathers and the rest of the babies will literaly peck it to death. This includes if they are allowed to run around outside. I have seen it on my one chicken yard.
    I do agree however that battery farms are not a good idea.
    Farm fresh eggs from a small family type farm that has free range chickens taste much better and seem healthier for a person.
    Same with the meat flavor.
    There has to be other alternatives that are better for the chickens.

    June 22, 2014 at 2:16 am

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