Baby Eczema – Goat milk?

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Question by Amanda88: Baby Eczema – Goat milk?
I have an 8 months old who started to have eczema on her cheeks by 2 months while breast feeding. I remember I drank a lot of milk so I guess it was the caused of it but I didn’t know it back then. I stopped breast feeding in 4 months and continued with Nestle Goodstart (the green can with bifidus). Her eczema became worst.
By 6 months I switch to Soy (Isomil). She had constipation at first, and her eczema was not as bad.
I stopped giving her wheat cereal/food/dairy. She still suffers from eczema but also now that she is teething it doesn’t help. She has bad eczema that spread to her elbows, knees and arms .

I would like to try Goat milk. I just found an Organic Goat milk 3.5%(Homo) in Loblaws. Does anyone know anything about Goat milk? Has anyone tried it? If so please share?

I visited a few doctors, but all I got is a prescription for cortisone. They also said kids will grow out of it. But I can no longer wait, it hurts to see my baby in pain due to the itchy pain on her cheeks and body.

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5 Responses to Baby Eczema – Goat milk?

  1. to the first question, no you can’t feed an 8 month old goats milk dairy products are dangerous before 1 year

    kids get eczema (most out grow it by the time they are 2), steroid cream will help with the itching but nothing can be accomplished with diet (as far as the itching)

    cutting baths down to two a week helps, as do hypoallergic lotions, soaps, laundry detergent, no fabric softner etc

    many people think that allergic reactions play a big role in people developing eczema and other related itching and dry skin conditions. There are some things that can increase a persons likelihood of developing eczema, these include airborne allergens, contact with certain irritants, and also emotional stress.

    March 11, 2014 at 4:56 pm

  2. Be persistent with this. Food allergies can commonly cause eczema. My 15 month old has eczema and it’s been hard to get anyone besides her pediatrician to get aggressive with treatment. We did have her allergy tested and she was positive for eggs and cow’s milk. However, it is possible to be allergic to ALL milk protein, including breast milk. I eliminated all diary and eggs from my diet and nothing helped. She has recently quit breastfeeding and her skin cleared up almost immediately. If I were you, I would have her tested for all milk proteins first. There is a formula that has no milk in it that can be given, I think it’s called Neocate. Good luck!

    March 11, 2014 at 5:25 pm

  3. my niece has it and she started getting it as a new born she is 5 now. But my sister puts Aquaphor on it and it does wonders all you see is my nieces beautiful face.

    My Three
    March 11, 2014 at 5:29 pm

  4. Im NOT a Dr. and i do know they say no dairy milk before 1 (cows goat) and i asked a dr behind the reasoning and it theres not enough vit/minrals to suport a growing baby…

    how ever “way back when” my cusin was alergic to everything and my aunt mixed vitamin drops she got from a Dr with goats milk for her son…

    he was ALWAYs thin but alive and happy… (tho not always well as he had/has a mass amount of alergys and other prob;lems…

    try googling ‘Enviomental Alergys’ and see if some of that dosent help.. along with food elimanation diet…

    GL and if your Dr wont work with you find another who understands the need to experament to solve the problem not just “wait it out”

    March 11, 2014 at 5:54 pm

  5. I feel for your struggle. My son suffered with severe eczema starting at 6 weeks through the full first year. Our pediatrician said he was one of the 10 worst cases of eczema he had seen in 30 years of pediatrics. After 11 Rx and 3 nonsteroidal Rx treatments that didn’t work as well as 3 pediatricians and 2 dermatologists I had had enough. We were unable to kiss our baby and had to handle him gently due to the severity. Many days I didn’t take him out of the house because he was so subject to infections because of his heart breaking condition.

    I did find a natural treatment that was 3 fold. Arbonne Baby Care skin products, Arbonne Smart nutritional hybrid vitamins for kids, and probiotic based on a 2001 study on eczema that was published by Lancet. More about this is available through my website

    I do hope this information has been helpful. Considering your daughter is no where near as severe as my son I would imagine that just changing her skin care would be sufficient.

    I have come to have a great passion for the Arbonne products because after taking this information and a clear baby to the dermatologist for a check up I shared with him my research and he was already familiar with it all. The unpronounceable ingredients, sulfates, low standards of quality, Ph balance vs Ph correctness, animal products, petroleum products etc… he knew all this and never shared a bit of it with me. In fact he recommended products to me that contained these known irritants. He really fired me up. My sons medical record shows that he cleared up due to Arbonne and probiotic and the Dr seemed happy for me but wasn’t interested at all in sharing this information with any other patients. However, one week later at the pediatrician he asked what I had done in detail and has since researched himself and begun recommending Arbonne products to his patients.

    As far as goats milk I know very little about that.

    March 11, 2014 at 5:54 pm

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