10 QUESTION ABOUT CHICKENS, please help!!!?

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backyard chickens
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Question by Meowordie: 10 QUESTION ABOUT CHICKENS, please help!!!?
OK i have three chickens living in my backyard (one rooster, one hen and one silkie hen)
and i have ALOT of questions,

1-is it ok to bring a silkie rooster??? i know you cant get 2 normal roosters but maybe its ok since there’s a difference between silkies and normal chickens

2- can i get the hen to sit on the eggs without her being broody

3- aren’t the roosters supposed to break the eggs… the hen has layed about 3-6 eggs but they were all safe ( im glad, but is there something wrong with the rooster?)

4- how can i tell the age of a silkie? and about what age do the lay eggs?

5- how many eggs should one chicken lay? what about silkies?

6-will the rooster let the hen keep the chickens if their not his?

7- do i still have to take care of the eggs, even though the mother is there?

8- can a rooster and silkie make… chicks?

9- dont all eggs have chicks? if they do can i incubate a random egg?

10- does the rooster Have to mate with the hen before the eggs get chicks? if so how long will it take?

Thanks! and soooorrrryyy!!!

I just got these chickens and their living in my backyard now…(their adorable!!)

any type of advice will be GREATLY appreciated

also does anyone have any exxperiance with parrots?
i have 2 baby green amazon chicks and i can use a little guidance


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2 Responses to 10 QUESTION ABOUT CHICKENS, please help!!!?

  1. Why thank you! I know i am.

    April 16, 2014 at 3:19 am

  2. 10 QUESTION ABOUT CHICKENS, please help!!!?
    OK i have three chickens living in my backyard (one rooster, one hen and one silkie hen)
    and i have ALOT of questions,

    1-Even if you get a Silkie rooster, unless you separate them the regular rooster will breed with whichever hen he can, and so will the Silkie. The regular rooster may even attack the Silkie rooster. Roosters can be quite mean, and the Silkie rooster will probably be more docile.

    2- No. Only when she’s broody will she set.

    3- No, roosters don’t break the eggs, or they shouldn’t. If my rooster broke eggs, he’d find himself swimming in a pot with dumplings.

    4- I think Silkies should start laying around 5 -6 months.

    5- Hens lay an egg about every other day, although some lay more.

    6- The rooster won’t know or care. The hen will dare him to get near the eggs.

    7- Nope. Mom will do all the work, if she’s a good hen. You’ll get up one day and hear cute little peeps coming from under Mom.

    8- Yes, they’ll be mixed Silkie and regular.

    9- The only eggs that can make chicks are ones that have been fertilized by the rooster. That’s why you can’t hatch most eggs from the store. Even the eggs from your hen may not all be fertile and may not all develop into chicks.

    10- As per the last question, yes. The rooster has to mate with the hen. Once the hen gets broody, she’ll start laying eggs and she’ll try to DEFEND these eggs (she’ll puff up and try to peck or growl at you if you get near.) When she’s laid enough eggs (only she decides how many, although you can add some eggs on the sly) she’ll stop laying and really start setting on them. Then it will take 21 days for the eggs to hatch.

    April 16, 2014 at 3:39 am

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